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 Access My Loan Customer Comments
Below are just some of the comments made by our
happy clients after using the Access My Loan service:
"The most complete and easy to use web site I've visited. Youíve done a great job! "
Applied 2005-09-03 Approved 2005-09-23 Angel, NY
"I was very depressed after having to drop out of college due to not being able to afford it. Your student loan gave me back everything I'd lsot, and more."
Applied 2010-04-24 Approved 2010-04-30 Eddie M.
"Thank you so much for all the advice, your tips worked and I got the loan."
Applied 2005-05-28 Approved 2005-06-17 Kyle Johnson
"When I first found your website, I thought your it was not real, I'll be honest. Guaranteed approval? Fast approval? I didn't think it was true. When I ran out of options, I decided to give you a try. I can't believe I wasted all those months judging you and trying things that did't work. Thank you and sorry for doubting you!"
Applied 2010-05-11 Approved 2010-05-14 Jean Paul May
"I was very impressed by the way you kept trying to find a solution to our credit problem. But I was even more amazed when you contacted us with that last lender that finally approved us for the loan amount we needed. Thank you all!"
Applied 2005-07-06 Approved 2005-07-16 Dino, FL
"I needed finance for my business and your team suggested a line of credit that has proven very useful and solved more problems than I expected. Keep up with the great job you are doing. My congratulations to you!"
Applied 2011-03-12 Approved 2011-03-20 William Johans
"Thanks for the effort you put in my case, and for the top class follow up also."
Applied 2010-05-29 Approved 2010-06-03 Robin M.
"I do not own the property where I live, I rent. That was a problem whenever I needed finance. But not with you; I soon got the money I needed and there where no buts from the lender due to me being a tenant. I donít even have such a good credit score and I was approved all the same. You really know your job. Thanks!"
Applied 2006-09-22 Approved 2006-09-28 Boris Buckner
"One might think that someone with a bad credit score as mine would never get approved for a personal loan. However, it surprised me to know that there were so many lenders available that where willing to consider my application and offer some loan options. I finally got the money I needed and I must say it was a pretty good deal too. Iíll definitely recommend your services."
Applied 2004-09-13 Approved 2004-10-06 John Mann. SC
"I was very skeptical when you claimed that you would be able to find me a loan so fast and with good rates, my credit hasnít been good for the past years due to some financial mistakes I made when I lost my job. But you managed to find me a loan at an excellent rate in less than a week. Iím really impressed. Iíd say ďtoo good to be trueĒ if it hadnít happened to me."
Applied 2005-06-14 Approved 2005-06-18 Jeffrey, SC
"I had a good credit score and a great job, so I was more than able to face a home loan payment, but my credit was not sufficiently established. However, this was not a problem for you, even if it was a problem for everybody else. I will definately use your program again in the future!"
Applied 2009-04-28 Approved 2009-05-04 Warren Plent
"The unsecured loan you offered me had the best interest rate I've seen on the market. I accepted it right off the bat, needless to say."
Applied 2010-01-19 Approved 2010-01-24 Billy Metster
"My home had some equity left on it and I thought I'd try and make the most of it as my credit wasn't that bad either, but my bankruptcy had been discharged a few months back and I found it nearly impossible to get approved. I don't know how you did it, but you did and that's what matters!"
Applied 2009-01-14 Approved 2009-01-23 Patrick Reuter
"No credit is definately worse than bad credit, but it didn't matter to you! Thank you for an awesome experience!"
Applied 2010-04-20 Approved 2010-04-23 Georgia Trump
"I used to have a lot of credit cards but I had some financial problems and I had to close most accounts. Now that I recovered, I was still getting declined and couldnít get a plain and regular VISA with a reasonable credit limit. After I joined your site, I no longer have that problem. I got both a VISA and MasterCard from the same issuer with great terms. "
Applied 2006-10-15 Approved 2006-10-19 William, DC
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The Access My Loan 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
"We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our services that we guarantee it, 100%. With our help, you will be able to get the loan you need right away. We will secure your loan for the amount you want regardless of your Credit Score or History. You have nothing to lose, Your Satisfaction is Absolutely Guaranteed! That is how confident we are in securing a loan for you."

We are positive you'll get approved. Apply NOW and get the money you need TODAY!

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