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Bad Credit Loan
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 Access My Loan Customer Comments
Below are just some of the comments made by our
happy clients after using the Access My Loan service:
"The idea of applying for a home equity loan instead of a personal loan was excellent. I got the funds I needed and now Iíll be able to afford the loan repayment with more ease. Thanks for the tip and for helping me find the appropriate lender!"
Applied 2007-02-19 Approved 2007-02-25 Amanda Borja
"I can't believe I will be going back to school next semester, thank you for all your help!"
Applied 2010-01-04 Approved 2010-01-09 John
"Great Deal for a Lifetime membership. I'm gonna make good use of it."
Applied 2003-08-30 Approved 2003-09-18 Edward Achey
"You were so professional and helpful; you made me feel that my loan was your personal concern. Iím so grateful, I really felt you understood my urgency and anxiety and shared it. I felt you truly cared. "
Applied 2004-09-28 Approved 2004-10-09 Ryan, SC
"I needed the money to buy a car from a friend of mine and everywhere I went theyíd force me to purchase a car through a dealership. I just needed the cash to purchase the car from my friend. I wanted no dealership involved. You solved my problem and know I have the car I want. And all thanks to you."
Applied 2006-10-06 Approved 2006-10-16 Kevin Black
"With my credit, buying a house seemed like an impossible feat. Is there anything you can't do? You certainly proved all the other lenders wrong cause they said I'd never get approved with my credit. Way to go!"
Applied 2009-05-11 Approved 2009-05-17 Rachel Martin
"I was so tired of water leaking everywhere when it rained! My roof has been fixed now, and I'm paying back the loan timely, which is also helping my credit. "
Applied 2010-06-08 Approved 2010-06-12 Ana Medina
"I has always wondered what my credit report said but Iíve never really took care of finding out. When I needed a loan I got declined because of bad credit, I was devastated. I started searching for info and I found your site. I followed your advice and got my credit report and guess what, one of the agencies had made a mistake that affected my credit, I got it corrected and applied for a loan with one of your lenders and got approved. Iím so happy I found your site; otherwise I would still be wondering why I had no luck. "
Applied 2004-11-14 Approved 2004-12-17 L. Stevens, IL
"With you guys, everything runs smooth and quick. Even a mortgage loan that is supposed to be complicated came out to be a calm and relaxed process. Thank you for helping me get my loan."
Applied 2006-03-17 Approved 2006-04-10 Nicholas, VA
"We were first time home buyers and the idea of purchasing a home was exciting and stressing at the same time. Yet, with your help, the process was swift and we got pre-approved right away. A couple of weeks later we had the keys to our new home. You canít imagine how grateful we are to you. Rest assured that we will recommend your services to everyone."
Applied 2011-07-10 Approved 2011-07-20 Susan And John
"I hate having bad credit but the circumstances forced me to miss some payments over a long period and as a result my credit was ruined. Yet, you got me approved for a bad credit loan and now I will be able to recover my credit and improve my finances. Thank you!"
Applied 2007-07-10 Approved 2007-07-16 Helen Smith
"Thank you so much. You are providing a wonderful service. Keep up the good work! "
Applied 2011-03-07 Approved 2011-03-18 Marian, SC
"Iíve never needed a loan before, it made me feel so embarrassed, but your customer support team was so sympathetic and helped me all through the process. The lender made no annoying questions; there were no faxes or credit checks whatsoever. And most importantly, I got the money I needed within 24 hours as you promised!"
Applied 2005-08-19 Approved 2005-08-19 Rebecca, FL
"I had absolutely no credit and I seriously doubted whether I'd be approved for a loan or not. But I was! Thank you!"
Applied 2010-04-01 Approved 2010-04-04 Marissa P.
"I was planning to move and needed some cash for the whole process. I decided to try the concept of homeowner loans because I didnít want to pay high interest but wasnít willing to put my home as collateral either. Iím very happy with the results. Please send my praises to the customer support team, they have been very obliging."
Applied 2006-12-16 Approved 2006-12-28 Derek, VA
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The Access My Loan 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
"We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our services that we guarantee it, 100%. With our help, you will be able to get the loan you need right away. We will secure your loan for the amount you want regardless of your Credit Score or History. You have nothing to lose, Your Satisfaction is Absolutely Guaranteed! That is how confident we are in securing a loan for you."

We are positive you'll get approved. Apply NOW and get the money you need TODAY!

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