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Bad Credit Loan
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 Access My Loan Customer Comments
Below are just some of the comments made by our
happy clients after using the Access My Loan service:
"Thanks so much for the loan and for making the whole application process so easy on my part. I know there was a lot of work involved on yours. Thanks again!"
Applied 2002-03-06 Approved 2002-04-12 Andrew, CA
"Going through a bankruptcy was something I had to do because there was no other choice. However, now that things where looking better for me, I couldnít get approved for any loan due to the past bankruptcy popping out every time a lender pulled my credit report. I read your claims about loans after bankruptcy and though I was a bit skeptical, I decided to join. I canít begin to help you enough for what youíve done. You helped me understand how to overcome the consequences of bankruptcy and get approved for a loan. Keep up with this excellent work, there are many people that need you."
Applied 2011-08-15 Approved 2011-08-28 Robin, SC
"I received three different offers from your lenders, all with very good terms. Actually, it was hard to choose."
Applied 2010-04-20 Approved 2010-04-25 Xavier, MI
"Last year was a tough one, I got divorced, I had to file for bankruptcy and I lost my house. Needless to say, my credit score suffered accordingly. Your bad credit loan gave me the tools I was lacking to get back on the horse and give life a new try. I even have a new girlfriend! Just kidding, but thanks for all the help."
Applied 2010-03-24 Approved 2010-03-31 Steve Grant
"We are currently re-financing with one of your lenders; I want to thank you for your patience and understanding of our credit situation. Your Loan knowledge is amazing and I will spread the word here at work and among my friends!"
Applied 2006-06-05 Approved 2006-06-14 Grez, FL
"I felt like a second class citizen, not because of my Latino heritage, but because of my lack of credit history. Now I have not only a loan to buy my first car but also a credit card. Thank you!"
Applied 2010-04-14 Approved 2010-04-20 Francisca Torres
"I needed a loan for a cosmetic treatment and nobody approved me. I tried everywhere unsuccessfully. I was disappointed and frustrated when a friend of mine recommended your site. I joined without much hopes but you soon got me approved. Iím so happy I could keep on writing a longer thank you note but I donít want to waste your time. Thank you, thank you!"
Applied 2007-07-08 Approved 2007-07-17 Laura, WA
"I kept applying for unsecured loan lenders without any results. Decline after decline, I was beginning to feel frustrated. A friend of mine recommended your services and today I received the good news: that I was approved for the loan and exact amount I wanted!"
Applied 2007-02-14 Approved 2007-02-19 Bob, NY
"We recently used your services to refinance our first mortgage. Not only we got a great deal but we were treated with respect and you made us feel that our time was worthy to you as it is to us. Each time the subject comes up both me and my husband remember this experience with a smile on our face. You should be proud of your service and your staff. "
Applied 2005-11-17 Approved 2005-12-20 Linda, SC
"No credit is definately worse than bad credit, but it didn't matter to you! Thank you for an awesome experience!"
Applied 2010-04-20 Approved 2010-04-23 Georgia Trump
"I had contacted many lenders before joining your with no luck at all. I must tell you I had no hope of getting approved. To my surprise, after contacting your recommended lenders I got three loan proposals. Now I have all the money I need to start college. Iím so glad, Thanks you so much!"
Applied 2004-03-27 Approved 2004-04-08 Tony Jones
"I discussed my lending options with the customer support team. They were very knowledgeable, and straightforward. I got all the funds that I needed and a lower interest rate than I had expected. I wonít hesitate to recommend your services to everyone I know, the work you are doing is extremely helpful for people like me. Iím sure you receive many praises like this one but I couldnít help to drop a line to let you know how grateful I am. "
Applied 2005-10-06 Approved 2005-10-18 Alex
"With this business start up loan I will be able to get the independence I always wanted and support my family. I really appreciate your help."
Applied 2006-04-27 Approved 2006-04-30 Linda
"I thought your claims on approval rate where just blufs, I couldn't be more wrong!"
Applied 2011-04-16 Approved 2011-04-20 Chris Garner
"I had been through a lot of problems and I had to face a bankruptcy. Two years later I still couldnít get my finances straight again. Then I found your information on fresh start loans. I thought the concept was fabulous and that that was exactly what I needed, so I applied. I got a bit impatient but after two weeks I got the money assigned and now everything is looking brighter. I got you to thank for that; keep up with the good work!"
Applied 2006-06-26 Approved 2006-07-12 Maurice, FL
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The Access My Loan 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
"We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our services that we guarantee it, 100%. With our help, you will be able to get the loan you need right away. We will secure your loan for the amount you want regardless of your Credit Score or History. You have nothing to lose, Your Satisfaction is Absolutely Guaranteed! That is how confident we are in securing a loan for you."

We are positive you'll get approved. Apply NOW and get the money you need TODAY!

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